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About Me

Rhonda Rathert,  LMT, HC & LE

I hold a Missouri State License in massage therapy, esthetics and manicuring and am a certified health coach and member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Over the 40 years I have practiced massage I have obtained training in areas of Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chinese Cupping massage and more.  I help people discover hidden triggers and sources of pain and learn how to control chronic pain, symptoms of auto immune disorders and health challenges related to aging that many times never have a diagnosis.  I draw on my own life experience with fibromyalgia and aging issues as well as my lifetime of education and research.  While I do not diagnose or prescribe, together we will discover solutions to your very unique health challenges.  

It is my experience that ideal wellness is a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  It is also my experience that as a baby boomer we are often overwhelmed with programs that implement too much change too fast making it confusing and too much work and we tend to abandon our efforts. Simplicity is my goal.  I strive to help you find relief and progress as quick as possible but also to make it comfortable and sustainable.  CHANGE IS NEVER EASY but you can make it SIMPLE AND ALMOST EFFORTLESS with the right tools.  

My mission is to help baby boomers FEEL GOOD AGAIN!


Join me as we share this journey, and take charge to become the NEW FACE of the Silver Sassy Baby Boomer generation.





with 37 + years in massage, 20 years esthetics.  As a licensed massage therapist and certified health coach I take a functional medicine approach with my clients.  Rather than addressing "symptoms" we seek to find the source and work towards eliminating the source of the problem not just mask the symptoms.  I help individuals find solutions to improve their health and enjoy life more fully.   I specialize in Chinese Cupping massage technique which reduces scar tissue and adhesions, increases lymphatic flow and has a sedating affect on the nerves.  It produces similar results as deep tissue massage but is less aggressive and produces less toxic soreness afterwards.  As a health/solutions coach I will help you find answers to those nagging symptoms which seem to evade a concrete diagnosis.  By working with me and "listening" to your inner physician you can revisit that active fun filled life that you deserve.  

My personal health experience with fibromyalgia led me to a deep understanding of autoimmune disorders and a pursuit of education in that area. Knowledge is power and if I do not have the answers at hand I am dedicated to finding  them.  Because each client is unique my approach for each one is unique as well.  My goal is to assist you in helping you make your future as bright as you choose.